The campus provides:-

(i) A library with over 5,000 volumes.

(ii) A reading room with television facilities.

(iii) A waiting room for visitors.

(iv) A common room for female students.

(v) A Cafeteria.

(vi) A multi-purpose hall.

(vii) Free transportation by mini-bus for sports, culture, social and educational activities approved by the administration.

(viii) Crop Museum and Crops and animal farms to provide the thrills, pleasure and experience of practical Agriculture and a Food Processing Unit to preserve and process foods.

(ix) A WARDEN and MATRON to attend to student’s welfare and promote healthy, social living.

(x) Dormitory and communal laundry facilities.

(xi) Internet, telephone, fax, photocopy facilities.

(xii) Opportunities for indoor and outdoor games, house and intervarsity competitions.

(xiii) Computer room.

(xiv) Animal clinic.

(xv) An excellent once in a lifetime opportunity for interaction between youth and adults of various nationalities, race, religion, cultures and socio-economic background.

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