GSA Alumni Association

GSA alumni


    The Guyana School of Agriculture Alumni Association which was registered in June 2019, is currently in the process of locating all past students of this prestigious institution in an effort to build our Alumni network and to further develop the school.

    Objectives of the GSA Alumni Association
    • To provide a platform for past students to maintain the ties of friendship;
    • To engage and support GSA and to promote the school and its contribution to food and agricultural development in Guyana;
    • To encourage and foster the interest of past students in the current programmes, activities and aspirations of GSA;
    • To make a meaningful contribution in the sphere of education by giving help primarily to the school; but also, to the community and to current and past students.
    Registration and Membership fees

    The cost of registration is $1,000 GYD and upon acceptance of membership, the annual fee shall be $5,000 GYD for Ordinary Membership (past students)

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