Crop Farm 1


A Small Section of the Crop Farm 1

The Crop Farm 1 is one of three crop farms owned by the institution. The Crop Farm 1 was reestablished in 2014. The main objective is to introduce innovative technology in open field crop production.


Cultivation of Cabbage on a Section of Crop Farm 1

The farm focuses on beans production as one of its main crops supplying adequate and sufficient amounts to the cafeteria when harvested.

Since reestablishing the Crop Farm 1, seventy five percent (75%) of the area is cultivated with red beans (minica) annually.


Sprinkler Irrigation Setup on a Section of Crop Farm 1


Some other crops which are cultivated on this farm throughout the year include:

  • Sorrel
  • Butternut Squash
  • Cabbage
  • Pawpaw
  • Eshallot
  • Lettuce

The Crop Farm 1 continues to practice sustainable agricultural development, with minimal use of agrochemicals and a very integrated approach to pest and disease management.


Drip Irrigation Setup on a Section of Crop Farm 1

On this farm, students are exposed to knowledge, skills and training within the field of agricultural cultivation which they can further utilize to prepare themselves in becoming young entrepreneurs.

The Crop Farm 1 is currently being managed by Mr. Osbert Nurse.